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Our Story


Carsten Hartmann

Fitness Advocate & Mindfulness Practitioner

Carsten is the embodiment of vitality and mindfulness, with a wealth of experience in physical fitness and mental well-being. His journey into health coaching was inspired by his passion for helping individuals harness the power of their bodies and minds to achieve holistic wellness.

With a background as a certified personal trainer and mindfulness practitioner, Carsten brings a unique blend of physical and mental conditioning to his coaching approach. His philosophy centers around the belief that true health is achieved through the harmonious integration of physical movement, mental clarity, and emotional balance.

Jane Edson

Passionate Nutrition Expert & Lifestyle Strategist

With a background in holistic nutrition and a zeal for life, Jane embarked on a mission to merge her love for wholesome food with her desire to help others find their balance. Her approach is all about crafting personalized, nutrient-rich meal plans that energize the body and please the palate, while also fostering a positive relationship with food.


Ready to Prioritize Your Well-being?

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